Who wins, Patriots vs. Broncos AFC Championship Game

Who wins, Patriots vs. Broncos AFC Championship Game

Jan 19, 2014

This may go down as one of the greatest NFL Championship Games ever.  Brady vs. Manning.  Perhaps the number one and number two quarterbacks of all time.

Here is who wins today’s AFC Championship game, for the right to go to the Super Bowl and represent the American Football League.

Patriots offense vs. Broncos defense; Patriots have a great offense, with a running game that tore through the Colts defense last week.  If Denver puts too many defenders in the box to stop the run, then they have to worry about Brady throwing the ball. As crazy as it may sound, I think the Broncos stuff the box, and test Brady with the young set of WR.  EDGE: Patriots

Broncos offense vs. Patriots defense;  The Patriots best defense may be LaGarrette Blount legs, if he can control the clock, that’s less time Peyton Manning is on the field.  However, if the Broncos get out to a big lead, game is over.  I understand the Broncos took a huge lead the last time these two teams met, however that was in New England, and the Broncos will have learned from their mistakes and keep the gas pedal on the floor. Broncos have the best offense in NFL history, going against a slightly above average defense. EDGE: Broncos

Who wins: Peyton Manning will not be stopped today.  He has the edge in the running game, the WR, and at the TE position.  I think the Broncos take the lead early, and win easily.  Patriots 20- Broncos 24.


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by: Richard Brown
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    You were darn close on the score

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