NY Giants Making Giant Moves

NY Giants Making Giant Moves

Feb 8, 2013

The New York football Giants are one of the first teams to make some major moves this offseason.  Michael Boley, Chris Canty, and Ahmed Bradshaw have all been released from the team.  Most surprising of the three players is Bradshaw who has had an incredible career with the Giants.  In six short seasons with the Giants, Bradshaw has managed to become one of the Giants toughest Running Backs ever.  Despite the fact he was only 5’10”, he ran with great power, strength and speed which allowed him to total 32 TD’s in his career with the GMEN.  “Pound for pound, Bradshaw is one of the toughest football players that I’ve been around,” general manager Jerry Reese said.

NY Giants Making Giant Moves

Giants making giant moves, Bradshaw will be missed. Photo from newsday.com

Jerry Reese, one of the NFL’s best GM’s in the league, drafted speedy David Wilson in the first round of the NFL draft last year, and also has the powerful Andre Brown which should be able to give the Giants a familiar thunder and lightning combination. (Jacobs/Bradshaw)

Chris Canty who has been a key member of the defensive unit in the past, has been bit by the injury bug over the last couple of season.   Michael Boley, perhaps the best LB on a very weak unit will need to be replaced.  In my personal opinion, I think the Giants should draft three LB’s and have them gel as a unit, learning to play with each other.  One player who will be available around the Giants selection in the NFL draft will be Manti Te’o.

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by: Richard Brown
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  1. Dave Williams /

    It’s a shame about Bradshaw. The guy had loads and loads of HEART, but he just couldn’t stay healthy….I wish him nothing but the best, but I also hope that David Wilson is ready for prime time.

  2. Richard Brown /

    I don’t think Bradshaw will have to move his home. I can see the NY Jets scooping him up almost immediately.

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